Metabolism Lecture Notes

These are my lecture notes on human metabolism. They focus on the biochemical pathways that we find in humans, and they also take into account some physiological and clinical aspects.

The notes, and the corresponding slides, are also freely available in PDF and PowerPoint formats; see further down on this page. You might also be interested in my lecture notes on Biochemical Pharmacology.

Structural model of a
        glycogen molecule

The picture above shows a structural model of a glycogen molecule. The little red protein molecule in the center is glycogenin; the protruding shrubbery represents 12 generations of branched polyglucose chains. Generations 1–6 are shown in blue, 7–9 in green, and 10–12 in gray. As you can see, later generations become more and more crowded; this ultimately prevents the further growth of the molecule.

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