Credits and copyright

Preliminary note

All images that except those listed under “Image sources” below were created by me. These images and the text, which was entirely written by me, are subject to the terms of the following copyright notice.

Image sources

This section lists the sources and the copyright situation of all images not created by me, as far as I have been able to ascertain them. These images have been used either with explicit permission of the owners, or under the following rationales:

  • Images from wikipedia: These are usually released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license, which permits their incorporation, in unchanged form, into a collection, without affecting the copyright of the resulting collection as a whole. I believe that these lecture notes and slides constitute a collection that conforms to this clause.
  • Images from individual sources, for which no copyright holder could be identified, or for which requests for permission to reuse went unanswered: the use of these images is deemed appropriate (1) because of general fair use considerations [144], and/or (2) because the images in question constitute faithful reproductions of physical phenomena, without artistic originality, and therefore, according to a decision by the US Court of Appeals, are not subject to copyright protection.

If you have the rights to an image used here without explicit permission and credit, and you do not agree with its use in these notes, please let me know, and I will remove it. If you have the rights and you do agree with its use, I would also appreciate a brief note to this effect, so that I can give you the proper credit.

  • Slide 1.1.1: Taken from wikimedia. This is a photographic reproduction of an old painting. No copyright claims exist, as far as I can see.
  • Slide 1.3.1: The EM picture is taken from the CDC image library (search ID 1973) and is in the public domain.
  • Slide 1.3.2: Taken from wikimedia and in the public domain.
  • Slide 2.1.1: Taken from [145], which in turn attributes copyright to the Nobel Foundation. However, this picture is more than a hundred years old and is therefore out of copyright.
  • Slide 3.4.6: Left panel: this photograph is floating around the web in many copies. Copyright could not be ascertained, but this appears to be a straight photograph, likely old and out of copyright.

    Right panel from Miami University digital collections. The photograph of this old piece of artwork should not be subject to copyright.

  • Slide 3.6.2: All panels from pathorama.ch with permission.
  • Slide 3.7.5: From pathorama.ch with permission.
  • Slide 4.5.2: From morguefile, where it was flagged as available for use without attribution.
  • Slide 6.1.4: From [42] via usf.edu. Out of copyright.
  • Slide 6.5.3: Adapted from a figure in [44].
  • Slide 6.10.1: Panels A–D from Nigel Unwin, with permission. Panels E–F by me.
  • Slide 8.5.3: Adapted from a figure in [68].
  • Slide 10.6.1 from pathorama.ch, with written permission.