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Alternate mechanisms of mRNA vaccine toxicity: which one is the main culprit?

Michael Palmer, MD

This paper summarizes the mode of action of mRNA vaccines, as well as three potential pathogenetic mechanisms that may account for the toxicity observed with the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19, namely: chemical toxicity of lipid nanoparticles, direct toxicity of the spike protein, whose expression is induced by the vaccines, and the destructive effects of the immune response to the spike protein. The case is made that of these mechanism the third is likely the most important one. If this conclusion is correct, then essentially the same level of toxicity must be expected with future mRNA vaccines against any other pathogenic microbes.

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Did Pfizer Perform Adequate Safety Testing for its Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine in Preclinical Studies? Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud

by Sasha Latypova

The rushed “warp speed” development and approval of completely novel Covid-19 mRNA and DNA vaccines pushed on the people of the world has resulted until today in millions of reported injuries and thousands of deaths according to public health databases such as VAERS (US), EudraVigilance (EU), Yellow Card (UK) and others. This article reviews some of the publicly available documents on Pfizer’s non-clinical development program and points out its deficiencies, omissions and gaps, which were very obvious, yet were never questioned by the regulators or other health authorities. The cursory nature of the entire preclinical program can be summed up as “we did not find any safety signals because we did not look for them.” The omission of safety studies which are considered standard or even mandatory, and the scientific dishonesty in those studies which were performed are so obvious and glaring that they cannot be attributed to the incompetence of the manufacturers and regulators. Rather, the question of wilful negligence must be raised.

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Could the current monkeypox outbreak be natural?

(First published on

Hot on the heels of the man-made COVID-19 “pandemic”, the world is witnessing another suspicious outbreak—this time of monkeypox, which is endemic in Central and West Africa but has so far only sporadically appeared outside this area. In contrast, the current outbreak affects more than twenty countries outside Africa. I here examine whether it is plausible that this could have happened naturally.

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The ban of DDT did not cause millions to die from malaria

On various blogs and websites dedicated to science and politics, usually of conservative persuasion, it is often alleged that the ban of the insecticide DDT, motivated by concerns about its damaging effects on the environment, has caused tens of millions in avoidable malaria fatalities over the last couple of decades. This position is untenable in light of the following scientific and historic facts:

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Storm tides and coastal protection on the German North Sea shore

The North Sea is the shelf sea between Great Britain in the West and continental Europe in the East and South. It has strong tidal movements, and is prone to storm surges that occur when north-westerly winds whip the sea against the continental coast. The most severe surges tend to arise when storms combine with spring tides, during which the sun, moon and earth are all lined up to maximize the gravitational pull on the water. The coastal people have long fought and laboured to protect their lives and their land from the elements. Their history should be of interest to anyone worrying about the best way to adapt to “climate change” or “extreme weather”.

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Elementary, my dear Watson: why mRNA vaccines are a very bad idea

Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD

Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines have caused injury and death on an unprecedented scale. This short article explains from first principles why adverse events must be expected not just after the first injection of such a vaccine but after each booster shot as well. The argument is not limited to SARS-CoV-2 or its spike protein but applies generally to any non-self antigen introduced in the form of mRNA. Accordingly, not only must the COVID mRNA vaccines be stopped, but mRNA vaccines should never be used again, regardless of the infectious agent in question.

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