My name is Michael Palmer, MD, and this is my homepage, which the owner of (my friend Jonathan Revusky) has kindly created for me. I plan to post here my writings on various scientific subjects that often also have a political dimension. In addition, I will here also keep around my biochemistry teaching materials, which I developed and used while working at the University of Waterloo.

About myself

I’m originally from Germany, where I spent the first forty years of my life, but I have been living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada since 2001. Until March 2022, I held a faculty position in the Chemistry Department of the University of Waterloo. That came to an end when I refused to be injected any of the the so-called COVID “vaccines”, which in my considered opinion are unnecessary, ineffective, and toxic. For the time being, I’m therefore prematurely retired, and I’m taking a bit of time to think about what to do next.

Since 2020, I have spent much of my time trying to fight the world-wide putsch or revolution dressed up as the COVID-19 “pandemic.” I work with the Doctors for COVID Ethics, a group of great people including physicians, scientists, and others. Among other things, we have produced a series of interdisciplinary symposiums on the medical and political dimensions of the COVID scam.

I enjoy hiking and biking. Waterloo’s surroundings are nice enough, but my favourite destination in the region (a few hours drive up north) is Bruce Peninsula, which protrudes into Lake Huron. The rocky eastern shoreline facing Georgian Bay is particularly beautiful (see image below).